Global DJ and Music Blog Promotions

Are You A South African Artist Wanting To Get Exposure In The International Market?

We offer an assortment of Global Promotional options from Syndicated DJ and Club Promotions and access to exclusive Global Music Magazines and Blogs.

Syndicated Worldwide DJ Clubland Promotions and Music Blog Syndications

Our International Radio Plugging includes pop, club and DJ promotions supplying UK commercial clubland and digital radio with the hottest new pop, urban, club tracks and remixes for their live shows, parties and club sets. From world renowned DJs to commercial clubs, venues and digital radio shows. Your Club mix will be delivered to thousands of DJs who will leave feedback and include your song on their shows or sets.

Want to get your music on a credible music news blog? We offer a unique syndicated service where your music is delivered to prominent music magazines and blogs featuring the latest new music and chart hits. Extending all around the globe but focussed in UK and USA, the blog networks also include top digital stations like London FM, New York FM and more.

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