International Plugging / DJ & Club Services

Are You A South African Artist Wanting To Break Into The International Market?

We offer International Radio Plugging and UK Club Promotions to get your music heard by thousands of ears. If you’re looking to market your music to an international audience, we have an array of packages to suit your needs and budget.

Tickybox Media Partners With Established International Companies To Run UK ClubLand Chart Promotions and Syndicated Worldwide DJ Promotions

Our International Radio Plugging includes pop, club and DJ promotions supplying UK commercial clubland with the hottest new pop, urban and club tracks and remixes for their live shows, parties and club sets. From world renowned DJs to commercial clubs and venues like Liquid Lounge, Lloyds Bar, Tiger Tiger, Cube, Agenda, Lava Ignite, Revenge, Ministry Of Sound, Pacha, Egg, Yates, Flamingos, Pitcher and Piano, Plazma, G.A.Y, Heaven, Walkabouts, Oceona and many more. We have a strong force of 500+ specialist DJs in UK clubland spinning brand new tracks to their loyal club followers while voting for worldwide club charts including Music Week official pop and club charts, UK dance charts, Coolcut, DJ magazine chart, Euro NRG Top 40, official dance charts top 40, Billboard and more!

Tickybox Media has managed to get many official UK Music Week chart entries, a guaranteed booster to your musical CV. We also run a worldwide syndicated DJ campaign that is pushed to digital stations and DJs across the world. All feedback is supplied and rated. A full report from around the world delivered to you with ratings and feedback from some of the top DJs in the world. If you need a professional remix of your single, we work with some of the top remixers and producers in the business and can create a professional and hit worthy single perfect for the International market.

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