Digital Music Marketing
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Digital Music Marketing Solutions

We live in a digital age. In today’s market, if you’re not in the digital space, you may as well not exist. Tickybox Media has a variety of packages to suit your online needs and build your digital brand. We offer digital music marketing online promotions to build your profile on magazine & blog platforms, social media platforms, digital radio and TV.

We help you compete in a digital world

Our team of creative and experienced designers and videographers can create the marketing tools you need to boost your artist brand and presence online. We specialise in lyric / music videos, social media design, website creation, content creation for social media ( Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc).

marketing your music online has never been this easy

Speak to us about your budget, your vision and your goals. We understand that as an unsigned / breaking artist you may not have record label budgets. We work with a crew that can offer the best music marketing solutions for your release.