Music Promotion Services

Music Marketing / Radio Plugging
Tickybox Media is a music marketing and promotion company that specializes in artist and record label services locally (South Africa) and internationally. We offer a complete in house music release and promotion service allowing an artist to be able to compete in a mainstream market, supported by a team of industry professionals who have worked in the music industry for over 20 years.
Photography / Design

Whether it’s professional studio photography, an artist publicity shoot, album artwork shoot or location shoot, we can offer a solution to your needs.  Joanne Olivier Photography has worked with some of the top artists in the music & entertainment industries, producing quality publicity images, album Artwork, gig poster photography & more.

Digital Music Promotions
Tickybox Media has a variety of packages to suit your digital needs and build your online brand. We offer below the line digital music promotions, social media campaigns, digital tool creation, lyric videos & more.
Global Promotions - DJ/Club and Blog Syndications
Tickybox Media offers a selection of global promotions including release to syndicated DJ and Club networks around the world and Music Blog syndications to prominent music blog networks.

Latest Artist News

Undertone Releases his latest single – “Old School Electric” –  A Fusion of classic and  Modern EDM

Acclaimed EDM artist Undertone is back  with his latest single “Old School Electric.” This track was inspired by media and fan feedback noting the old-school essence in Undertone’s music. Embracing this sentiment, Tim Bouwers, AKA ‘Undertone’ crafted “Old School Electric” to blend nostalgic vibes with contemporary sounds, creating a track that bridges generations.  “The more […]

EDM Producer Undertone is back again with his hottest hit to date  ‘Broken Record’

EDM artist Undertone is back with a bang, dropping his latest single, “Broken Record,” hot on the heels of his previous hits, “Rolling Circus,” “Atmosphere Analog,” and “Pomodoro and Let’s Be Free.” In this release, Undertone showcases a fresh wave of creativity, inviting listeners into a world of infectious beats and an uplifting message that […]

Adele Fouche, ‘Pema’ (Lead Singer Of Afrikaans Girl Group ‘Saarkie’) Releases Her Impressive Debut Solo Single ‘You See Me’

PEMA, a new, emerging force in the music scene, is not merely a one-woman band but a vessel of emotions and stories. Born from the creative mind of Adèle Fouche, a South African songwriter musician, and lead singer of Afrikaans girl band Saarkie. Get ready to be mesmerized by the latest single from rising star […]